[Hợp âm] How Can I Tell Her(Lobo)

She [G] knows when I’m [Bm] lonesome, she [C] cries when I’m [G] sad.

She’s [C] up in the good [G] times, she’s [Am]down in the bad [D7]

When [C] ever I’m discou [Bm] raged, she [C] knows just what to [D7]do.

But girl [Am], she doesn’t [D7]know about [G]you.

I can tell her my troubles, she makes them all seem right.
I can make up excuses not to hold her at night.
We can talk of tomorrow
I’ll tell her of things that I want to do
But girl, how can I tell her about you.

[C]How can I [D7] tell her about [G]you?

[C]Girl, please [D7]tell me what to [G]do.

[C]Everything seems [D7]right when[G]ever [Bm]I’m with [Em]you. [D7]

So [C]girl, won’t you tell [D7]me how [C]to tell [D7]her about [G]you? [Bm]
Ah .. [D7]ah .. [G]ah [Bm]ah .. [Am]ah .. [D7ah ..

How can I tell her I don’t miss her whenever I’m away?
How can I said it’s you I think of every single night and day?
But when is it easy, telling someone we’re through.
But girl, help me tell her about you.

(Đang edit bài thì server hỏng, đến sáng nay mới sửa được ;) )

Bài này tâm trạng quá

[D]I can see the pain living in your [F#m]eyes
And I know how hard you [Bm]try
You deserve to [G]have so much [A]more
[D]I can feel your heart and I sympa[F#m]thize
And I’ll never criti[Bm]cize all you’ve ever [G]meant to my life


[D]I don’t want to let you [Bm]down
[G]I don’t want to lead you [A]on
[F#m]I don’t want to hold you [Bm]back
From [G]where you might be[A]long

[D]You would never ask me [Bm]why
My heart is so dis[G]guised
I just can’t live a [A]lie anymore [A7]

[D]I would rather hurt my[Bm]self
Than to ever make you [G]cry
There’s nothing left to [A]say but good[D]bye

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